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I dunno, maybe it's the hour, or maybe playing with muses on MUD had inspired me, but I wrote up a poem for the third account's profile. The poem is sort of based on the avatar image, of course, and partly on the name.

Arete Serenitas
by: me

When darkest before dawn
Pray of Eos to herald the end of the night
When in the tempest rage
Pray of Iris to herald the end of the blight.

When endless bloodshed flows
Pray of Irene's guidance to end the fight
When lost in unknown wilds
Pray of Luna and the stars' guiding light

Endless prayers through time are given wing
To which no god e'er descend their height
Yet unlooked for, the wonder within
The human virtues and human might

Of all the ills from Pandora's box
Was Hope gifted last of Man's birthright
Leaders, creators, peacemakers, all
Dream for mortal-kind wings to take flight



1. OK, it's kind of meh, but what do you expect at almost midnight while I'm on meds.

2. Only two items on that avatar costed over 3k. The staff was 7k and is actually a hand down from my main account. The wings is around 20k.

3. Also, I did a search for Chinese literary references to nightingales (for my main account). I came up with the two following by western authors:
The Nightingale by Hans Christian Andersen
The Chinese Nightingale by Vachel Lindsay
Would be nice to find some references from Chinese authors, although that would involve a lot of reading through Chinese sites. *sigh*
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This story is in revenge of my computer which has been conspiring against me the whole week. *stab* Coincidentally, it also meets the writing challenge [insanejournal.com profile] cashew made last Friday. The icon associated with the fic is "Computer Illiterate".

the story )
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Bah. Call this a sequel to the previous one, even though it's longer and slightly different. Same myth & pairing as before. Not really erotica unless you're into bestiality o_O ...though I suppose if you totally ignore the myth and exaggerate the metaphors, you can get some extreme version of BDSM or something out of it.

Title: The Moon's Displeasure

Hard breath upon wind
Swift sleekness through night
Cold sweat on hot flesh
Firm muscle, tight sinew

Huntress pursuing prey
Crown claimed by ivory fangs
Taste of blood mingled sweat
Wrath in dominance triumph

Eyes dim under frozen moon
That treacherous beauty
That cruel lust
That final ecstasy

(Yes, [insanejournal.com profile] ossian, I know Actaeon got eaten by his own hounds. But this imagery works better from an artistic sense. Call it an AU myth. :p)
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Er. Poetry, I guess. Not sure if it counts as erotic. And if you can't tell it's based on Greek mythology, then shame on you.

Title: The Moon's Pleasure

Moonbeams caressing alabaster
Night wind tussling golden mane
Water whispering libations in ecstasy
  Trickling reverently o'er flushed breasts
  Curling eddies soothing parted thighs
Half-lid eyes swept with fevered shadows
Rose-petal lips exhale soft pleasure
Untouchable beauty, perfect desire
Actaeon beheld the night's sweetest secret
And fell

Eh. The spacing on my front page is too small for it. Bah. Had to edit the page settings. Need bigger background for the scroll frame now.
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