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Since cashew is playing NQ2, I'll put up the cheat sites I use for it.

http://geocities.com/neoquest_2/ (with suggested levels to fight bosses and skills errata)

I have notes also, but only for the evil mode. I guess I'll wait until you get there... assuming you don't lose interest halfway through the easy level. :p
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Bought the Abominable Snowball for Fanluin because it was both cheap and cute. Now going through the complete list of petpets...

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Well, it's not as glaringly "I'm so dead" as other midterms tend to make me feel. But the more I think about it the more nervous I feel about how I did. Our professor should go in for Psychology... Psych warfare anyhow.

The worst thing is... it's not the memorize-facts part I had problems with. Oh if it were only that, I'd at least know where/if I got something wrong. The thing is, the exam is mostly stuff about theory. Y'know, stuff like "prove this" or "explain that". So it's basically me frantically writing down paragraphs and paragraphs of stuff, then erasing and rewriting for the Nth time, hoping I got the right idea/etc. And I have no idea how I did, after the fact too. It's going to be such a subjective test to score... I'm foreseeing a lot of potential for arguing with the Prof/TAs about this...

Incidentally, I'd like to thank [insanejournal.com profile] cashew for introducing me to Neopets on Friday. (That was sarcasm, in case you can't tell.) I think I wasted all of Saturday and some of Sunday on that place. *facepalm* (Though, thank goodness, the exam isn't what one would call cram-neccessary as much as it's "if you get it, you're good, else you're screwed".)

Yeah, neopets... Got myself hooked on the NeoQuest game. Funnily enough, I was halfway through the game before it occured to me I could look up hints and maps online. *sheepish* Though, with the cheat info, it becomes a pretty sure-fire/no-loss way to get points. It gives you hundreds to >1000 points for each boss you off, and 25x points for each level (out of 50) you gain. So level 10 going to 11 you get 250... level 20-21 you get 500... anyone remember how to do sum of arithmetic series? Well, it's a lot, since I'm on like level 30-something going onto 40. Levelling is fun. Tedious, but there's something about watching your opponents smack themselves silly because you invested in Reflex that's just so satisfying.

Other neopets stuff... I've gotten quite a bit of random events and chance games wins. The wheel of monotony seems to work for me. I left it on while I went to take my exam and my results were in by the time I got back. Got an avatar thingy, which is at least better than nothing or less points than I paid that I usually get at the Wheels of Enchantment and Mediocrity. *shrug*

Ah well... onto levelling...
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