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Is there someplace I can download the series and read it on my harddrive instead of online? My connection gets progressively worse later at night and it gets to be a pain to wait a minute for every page to load.

Also, I've been browsing some Detective Conan sites and I get the sense that most people consider Kaito Kid as a native character of the DC series. (I guess his own series is not very well known?) Supposedly he's also ranked #1 in character polls for DC in Japan, which was kind of weird. (Shinichi and Conan were #2 and #3 respectively, despite being the same character, sort of.) I guess that's why there's so much of him in DC fics...

Edit 1: I don't get ConanxAi, or at least the reasons for it... is there something more on this from the anime?

Edit 2: Some fics I kinda liked...

Edit 3: For reference, the DC/MK chapters are...

Vol 16 6-9, Vol 20 2-5 (Sonoko), Vol 30 4-7 (Sunset)
Vol 44 7-10 (levitate), Vol 46 9-10 (shounen tantei)
Vol 52 544-547 (painting), Vol 54-55 562-566 (koushien)
Vol 61 631-634 (teleport), Vol 64 674-676 (dog)
Vol 69 712-715 (s.t. heist)

Edit 4: Reference for Heiji eps
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Been a long time since I did these huh. Oh, well, just thought I'd jot these down. Most of these are xovers, since that was what I was looking for. Not easy to find actually, since the ffnet archive for FB is huge and so full of stupidity (from just looking at the summaries) that I doubt I'd be able to have the patience to find anything good there.

Ouran Academy Guest Lecturers Series- Japanese Literature - obviously a Furuba/Ouran xover. Mostly the Ouran cast plus Shigure, with only a cameo from the rat and cat. I thought it was cute.

Neko no Yume Cat of Dreams - Pet Shop of Horrors xover. Something of a Suefic, even if it's not the romance-sue kind. Also quite OOC, but whatever. I was just in it for the xover. :p

Lollipops and Magic Refrigerators - Not an xover this time. Humorous fic about explaining the birds 'n bees to Kisa and Hiro. (Though IMO I think Hiro already knows this stuff but eh.)

I need more Furuba xovers... are there any archives out there? Ffnet is not the best of places...
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Came across some xovers today. Pity most xovers I've seen aside from the Legal Drug ones don't feature yaoi.

2 w/ HP, thus proving that if there is any fandom out there being written for, sooner or later it will cross over with HP.

Toil and Trouble - seems to be pro-Harry. Though I found the bit where Yuuko orders Harry to go cook for her to be faintly amusing. Post book 6.

A Fair and Reasonable Price - 2 chapter fic that's Draco-centric. I think I like this one better. I would befer Holic-crack but I realize that doesn't go very well with post-HP6 angst.

Meeting - CCS xover, which I thought was long overdue for me to find one considering they're canonically same universe too. Mainly interactions between Watanuki & a very exasperate Touya.

Prospects - Not technically a xover at all. But rather amusing short story of Yuuko on the marriage prospects of various characters in various CLAMP works. Crack.
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OK, so I didn't find the fic, but here's a fanart on the "What can Doumeki see through that eye" theme... BWAHAHA

And a few more fic recs..

quick, silly, drabbly thing
Five Words

Best-Laid Plans
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Well, finally found the peeping eye fic that cashew was poking me about. (Actually, this was one of 'em... can't seem to find the other one)

Mienai Kizuna by BluSkye.

Iono, I think on the whole I prefer crack fics for xxxHolic instead of even the heavy smut ones... just cuz I guess it's closer to the canon characterizations. So, a couple of crack fics. (EDIT: OK you've apparently already found the author site for the first two.)

Button Pushing - mentions Batman and tights XD
Measure for Measure - Watanuki runs afowl of Doumeki's fan club

Boy Meets Girl - Watanuki tries to confess to Himawari-chan
The Avenging Angels - More Doumeki fan club... as narrated by Yuuko while drunk

...And might as well throw a smut or two in here too.
untitled fic
untitled fic in comments
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Five Words
Mienai Kizuna - Watching through Watanuki's eyes

Unexpected - Watanuki's first move
Turnabout is Fair Play - massage
Doumeki Gets a Haircut
Peeking Inside the Looking Glass - peek into the future
Call Back Later - human pillow
Attention to Detail - cafe necking
Closure - graveyard fluff
Insignificant - in denial
untitled - missing class b/c of fever
untitled drabble - out of season food
Leftovers - see title

Hands off the Hitsuzen
The Avenging Angels - school play and Doumeki fanclub
Boy Meets Girl - Watanuki tries to confess to Himawari
quick, silly, drabbly thing - fluffy
Button Pushing - romance on crack
Measure for Measure - not-romance and fanclub
Monsters Under the Tree - bit of angst at end

Someone's Prayer - Yuuko & Doumeki talking
Chess - Yuuko

Looks - always the quiet ones

Am I Yours? - touch of angst
untitled - topping from the bottom
untitled - locker sex
Best-Laid Plans

Toil and Trouble - HP, Potter-centric
A Fair and Reasonable Price - HP, Draco-centric
Meeting - CCS, Touya-centric
Prospects - Yuuko on CLAMP character marriage prospects


A Dislocated Day
Chocolate Cake and a Kiss

Striptease, Poker, and Drunken Confessions
Never Reject You

Deep Wish Mirror Series
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Yeah I spent a couple of hours looking for FAKE fics. I actually went through a lot more than the three I ended up listing here, but I didn't bother to keep track of the ones that left me going "meh". Yeah, I know these fics are nothing better than just PWP, but even PWP should have *some* standards, right? Yes? No? Well, whatever.

Caution: These links go to fanfics which contain explicit guy-on-guy slash. If you rare offended by homosexuality or are not old enough to read NC-17 rated fics, stop reading this post now.

Move, by Kracken
I like this author because she seems to capture pretty well the dynamics and characters of Dee and Ryo. A lot of fics seem to needlessly stuff these guys into the stereotypical butch/sissy types common to yaoi-fics, sometimes to really OOC results. This one stays pretty true to the characters, even if the plot meandered a little. Or, as the author herself says at the end: "Kracken’s own Critique: Okay, the plot wandered, I lost track of the conflict, and then I tried to cover it up with steamy sex." But hey, that's still better than most.

Venom, by Kracken
I liked this one for similar reasons to the above. This time both boys get injured on the job. Not at the same time tho. NOT (mucho of) a hurt/comfort/angst fic though, so don't worry about that.

Infidelities, by happyberry
And now for something completely different. This one's OOC, but it's an OOC PWP that I can tolerate because the OOC is for the explicit purpose of the, er, physical relationship (aka sex), as opposed to OOC for the purposes of excessive badly-written angst. It's also got an Original Female Character in there which some Mary Sue-ish qualities. But she doesn't have anything to do with the steamy scenes on the end of Chapter 2 and in Chapter 3, which is the only important parts of the fic anyhow, IMO. :p

ADDENDUM: Day of Silence, by Crimson1
The fic is nice and fluffy. But I'm reccing this one mostly for the interesting idea behind it. Is there really a "Day of Silence" type thing IRL? It sounds interesting.

In other news, for [insanejournal.com profile] cashew, here's some sites where you can get various scans from the FAKE manga, including full to partial stories! (Sshhh, don't tell the lawyers tho ^_-):

FAKE page from the Yaoi Shrine site - These are a collection of ONLY the steamy scenes in all 7 manga volumes. Features all the kissing and *ahem* other scenes that showcase Dee and Ryo's relationship. Plus a few of the colored covers/insets.

Fakephoenix - Under the "Translations" link, you can find the scans and English translations of Act I (the first story). There's also a partial scanlation (just the relationship-focus part) of Act 19 and most of Act 20 (all except the last 3 pages). There's also a complete scanlation of the short story "Like, Like, Love" that is apparently an epilogue to the FAKE series, which was published in an... another anthology by the author, I believe. Very nice. The site also has a nice gallery with some nice colored images (for all your icon-making purposes ^_-).

That's it for now. Ja ne! ^_^
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So I went up to Cal yesterday for a fun day out with [insanejournal.com profile] cashew now that she's back from China. Though, in retrospect, I guess we should've waited until after she got rid of her jetlag. Oh well, I guess sleep just such an overrated commodity. :p ^^;;

We had lunch at Gypsy's. It's been a long time since we ate there. They still haven't lost their touch. Yummy and filling entrees. Cashew got a veggie dish and I got a seafood dish. Mmmm... calamari & mussels. :)

Then we went to B&N for a while. I skimmed a few manga volumes - nothing that good, though I did get halfway through the first volume of Fruits Basket, which seems rather interesting. Maybe I'll follow up on that series later. Cashew was trying to reread Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but she was also in a constant struggle against good 'ol sleep. :p

After that we went to Oaks Theater to see the 3rd Harry Potter movie... only to get there to find that they're not showing it anymore. Grr. Bakas. So why did you still have it listed up on Yahoo!Movies?! So instead of watching the movie, we took a stroll through the nearby Half-price Bookstore (they didn't have any of the textbooks for our Philosophy class) and then grabbed something at Jamba Juice before taking the bus back to the downtown Berkeley. (Oh, and because I don't have a Class Pass anymore, I had to spend $3 roundtrip for bus tickets. Geez.)

So we went back and ended up watching "I, Robot" at the UA Theater instead...

I Robot review )

FAKE manga review )

Anyways, after we were done with the manga, we had pizza for dinner at Blondies before I went home. Not a bad day, all-in-all. ^_^
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First, I got Pet Shop of Horrors 7! *loves* And goodness is Leon still in denial. My favorite story was the one with D's "sister". Ha! The artistic differences between the two of them are so small that they might as well be clones of the same person. Heh. "So who looks better in a dress" indeed. :D

Also read Vampire Game 7 today too. Funny as ever. Ishtar just lives to make Duzzie's life difficult, doesn't she? And we can see that Duzzie is certainly getting contaminated by their association together - if you can consider Ishtars special brand of airheadedness contagious. He's become fond of her, which would certainly be a problem if she does turn out to be the reborn Phelios. Heck, Duzzie is even aware of that, 'cause he states that he sees Phelios when he looks in her eyes, and ponders if he might've made a mistaken determination that first time he bit her, since he was so new into the world. The intrigue that goes around our main characters is deliciously twisted. I mean, the captain of the guard in Xi Canda (the guy who mistook Du for a girl and Ishtar for a boy) turns out to be the half brother of the princess... and they're in love with each other. Heh. All the descendants of Phelios are seriously messed up. Must be all the inbreeding.

Psychic Academy 3 has come out. Still a disturbing escapee from the fashion police, but I think we're actually starting to see some semblance of a plotline, not to mention character growth. I find myself liking Zero a lot, even if he wears metal underwear on the outside of his pants, and acts like such an melodramatic dork.

xxxHolic 2 sheds more light onto the cosmology of the Clamp-verse. We now know that it takes place in the same universe as Card Captor Sakura. The dimension witch also hints that she and Clow Reed (from CCS) had met Mokona, the creator-deity from Magic Knight Rayearth, in the past.

Yu Yu Hakusho 4 is out, and we get to see more of Kurama in the new arc. ^_^ My my, flower boy has quite a reputation among youkai. Looks, brain, and power. Hah. Oh, and Hiei's cool too. Not much else about that series interests me though. If I wanted martial arts powerfests, I could get more laughs out of Ranma 1/2.
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The following (possibly incoherent) ramblings were brought to you by my trip to Borders today.

Read more... )

In other news, I also read a couple volumes of CCS today. It was kinda disjointed since they didn't have all the volumes (in order) there, but I think I got the gist of things. It's a pretty cool series. Though I didn't think much of the romance among the younger characters (they're in grade school, for goodness sakes. How can anyone seriously talk about romance and "one true love" when they haven't even hit puberty?)... but the more adult romance was kinda cool (hey, it has an explicit shounen-ai relationship between two hot guys ^_-).


Apr. 18th, 2004 12:03 am
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Wagh!! There are various online translations that can let me read ahead!! *dances*

This one's the best I've seen so far, but I bet there's others out there too. ^_^

Oh, and here's a snippet that shows just one of the facets that makes this series such a good read...

Asato: We made a promise. With water as wine in our cups on that night of cherry blossoms far away.


Asato: From now on, we become fellow enemies. I will use my utmost power to reconcile peacefully with Japan. Though I know not how long it'll take.

Unten: I will consult with Japan to find the least damaging method of handing over Okinawa to them.

Voice: Let's just leave it at that.

Unten: I'll do my best. And if I have to, I will even assassinate you.

Asato: That sounds like something Japan would do. But I won't be so easy to kill.

Voice: Friend. This much I promise upon my soul.

Unten & Asato: This much I have decided. I will protect my country to the death!

*end flashback*

Asato: From then on, we became enemies. Unten drew the hardest lot. Hmm. So you should understand now. He's not someone who would sell his country for personal gains. That's my opinion. Unten is willing to throw away his pride in order to protect the pride of this country. In order to protect this country, he has become a demon.

Asato is the president of the independent city/state of Okinawa in the post-apocalyptic Japan of "Basara". Uten is his rival candidate in the upcoming elections. And in the scene in question, Asato was recovering from an assassination attempt that was foiled by our main heroine (and hero, sorta).

All in all, both Asato and Uten are fairly only major characters in the current storyarc, and thus only minor to the overall series. However, you can see how well they've been developed nonetheless, despite their minor roles. The major characters get even better depictions, and tend to be fleshed out with many facets to their characters. Just when you think some character is the typical anime "evil evil" type... they throw you in for a loop without being OOC with whatever heinous acts they did before. I like that about "Basara".

Another thing I like about the series is the strong female (that's more than one) characters. Even the one's who don't/can't wield a sword have their own strengths of character. But that's a exposition for another day.
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Went by Borders to day and indulged myself in manga.

Read issue one of "The Rule of the Land" (or rather, "Re Xue Jiang Hu" in chinese characters), yet another Korean manga based on wuxia. I dunno, I didn't really like this one much. The pacing was off and the characters rather unlikeable. The art wasn't high level and was rather predicable. The plot... I'm not sure there is a plot. Whatever background to the story wasn't developed at all, which leaves the reader rather in the dark outside of whatever shallow events are occuring right at the moment.

Also read Hellsing 2. Not much actually happened in the story outside of an obligatory fight/invasion scene. Most of it seems to be setting up some sort of conspiracy for a major arc. Still very bloody and dark. Still packed with some rather inflammatory/controversial portrayals... what with the whole Protestant England vs. Catholic Vatican, and then throw in references to Nazi Germany as hints to the upcoming major villain (organization). Alucard is still scary; he's got one darn good powerset. The "Police Girl" is still the comic relief, and she does a pretty good job at it, heh.

Most of my time, though, was spend reading "Basara", issues 1-5. I like it, alot. It's got really good characters and a pretty good plot. The art isn't exactly Clamp, and I didn't like it much at first, but it seems to have grown on me. ^_^;;

Basic plotline: cut for length )
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Flipped through the manga shelves. Not much new out there though. No new issues of PSoH or Yu Yu Hakusho. Rurouni Kenshin 4 is out though. So is Demon Diary 6 (is that new?).

Read the first 3 issues of "Alice 19". It's by the same author as Fushigi Yuugi, if that tells you anything; though this time the girl has powers too. Anyways, the main character is the general shy-school-girl-who-the-main-hunky-guys-all-like stereotype, so nothing new there. The concept of the powers is somewhat interesting, but not something completely new either. The official art will most likely be gorgeous, just like Fushigi Yuugi, but I don't have much hope for the plot.

Read the 3rd issue of "One", the Korean comic. I reminds me a lot of Jing Yong's stories moreso than the standard Japanese martial artist related manga. But I wish the pacing would hurry up 'cause I'm just getting more and more confused by the semi-separate storylines.

Oh, yeah. And my feet hurts now. A lot. Ow. @_o
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Once again, [insanejournal.com profile] cashew has done a much better (and faster) job than me on the recap of our Saturday together.

I actually had a pretty late breakfast that morning, so I decided to skip lunch and just get a boba drink. I tried the Chrysanthemum Pearl Tea at the Sweetheart Cafe. Mmmmm... it was good. Sweet with the faint taste of flowers. I'm going to have to look for Chrysanthemum tea in the stores now. ^_^

"Starsky and Hutch"? Slashy, verily. Goodness, they had more mushy scenes together than a lot of hetero couples in a non-romance movie. About the only thing they didn't have is a kiss scene and a nudity sce--oh wait, I suppose the dinky towels scene sorta counts... make that "and a sex scene".

Troy looks very nice. I'm really curious about how they're going to end it though. The Iliad ended *before* the Trojan Horse and the fall of Troy. But ending the movie somewhere after Achilles dies doesn't make for a very coherent storyline. Cinematically, I just don't think they can get away with showing a resolution to the war, which would have to involve the Trojan Horse 'cause *everyone* already knows that story. Which begs the question, how are they gonna film the end of the movie when two of their main leads (Hektor and Achilles) are already dead.

Likewise, it's going to be interesting to see if they mention Paris & the Golden Apples story in relation to the kidnapping of Helen. As well, the involvement of Thetis in Achilles' story, such as bringing him his new armor from Hephaestos. Since we haven't seen anyone being cast as a Greek God/dess, it's fair to guess that they're not going to be included in the film, which makes the above two parts interesting to rewrite.

Comic Relief... Read the manga "Dahlia", which cashew recommended. It was kinda freaky and somewhat confusing. The Salome story reminded me of another fanfic which was also based off the "Salome" play. "Hellsing" looked interesting. "Shadow Lady" is obviously mainly fan service. Also read the latest issue of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"; the art was very nice as always, and I notice that the plot line is starting to move toward the direction of the CTHD movie, as opposed to the TV series. Also read the latest issues of some westernized Chinese comics. Not much to write about but the obvious - they had much fun slaughtering Chinese mythology.

Comics-wise, I got my hands on "Lucifer: Inferno". The Morningstar rules, as usual. Stomping demon lords and angelic champions and whatnot all without any of his powers. What's ironic is that while I was reading it, some girl came up to me and started trying to get me to join some Christian organization/charity or whatever. Gee... maybe the fact that I'm currently reading a graphic novel labeled "LUCIFER" is kinda a hint that maybe I'm not a good Christian girl? *snerk*

Also flipped through the latest issue of "Meridian" and "Negation" and the last issue of "Scion". The "Negation War" is looking to be interesting, as long as Crossgen doesn't cut and run halfway through. Didn't see "Mystic" though, darnit.

Dinner was nice, though I think I might have stuffed myself. Also noticed that the BBQ place seems to have more fat in their meats than before. Huh. Maybe the meat prices are going up again.
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Saw it in the bookstore today and nabbed it immediately. What can I say... such a good series. Oh, and also... so much slashiness. :D

(Note: also saw Demon Diary 6 in the store. But I haven't gotten a chance to read it yet.)

Scene from "Day Nursery" (2nd story):

*Leon peeks in the door*
D: Ah, my dear detective...
Leon: Shh!! Not in front of the kid!

*...the second night, after Leon comes in*

D: Why hello, my darling detective!
Leon: *doesn't respond (or deny) and talks to his little brother Chris*
D: *serves up tea* Have you had dinner, my dear? And your bath?
Leon: *now being irked* Hey!!

Scene from "Darling" (3rd story):

*D gets a necklace which determines the heir to some country*

Prince #1: What do you want? Money?! Property?! Girls?!
Prince #2: I'll make you CEO of my corporation!
Princess #3: Marry me, and we'll rule the Kingdom together!!
Prince #4: Hell! Marry me! I don't care that you're a man!!

(Emphasis in bold are mine) Hee... so amused.
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Came across this intresting PSoH fic a few days ago. Drugs by Talya Firedancer. It's slash, but not between D & Leon (well, not explicitly)... um... maybe kitty-slash? *sweatdrop* A rather weird fic, all said.

Hm... something else I forgot to write down earlier... last Sunday when I was at Borders bookshop, I also read the manga version of The Ring. Eh, if the movie (Japanese or American) is anything like the manga, then I can see how people find it scary. Then again, I am somewhat of a wuss when it comes to horror. :p

Though, come to think of it, if it weren't for the fact that Sadako was so spooky, and I really can't seem to find compassion when confronted by scary walking corpses 'n ghosts... I'd almost be inclined to think that, just based on her life story, Sadako does merit a smidgeon of sympathy, and she did have cause for revenge, even though her revenge has gone seriously out of hand. I mean, she was just a little kid when her mom was denounced as a quack in front of journalists from all over the country (and later commited suicide?). While one could say she was evil for killing one of the journalists and sending her dad into the loony bin, it's also quite possible that those things happened because her powers were too strong for her inexperienced youth to control properly. I mean, do we call normal kids evil or even take them too seriously when they throw a tantrum or scream "I hate you!" for little reason? Of course, normal kids don't have Sadako's power. Also, since it's said that she visited her dad often at the asylum, that could be a sign that she didn't mean for that, at least, to happen. On top of that childhood trauma, she appears to have been raped before she was brutally murdered and abandoned by the guy who worked at the asylum. This done to a psionically senstive child, it's no wonder her head was so screwed up, even after death.

Of course, a sucky life and an insanity plea shouldn't excuse all the other innocent people her curse has killed. But it does provide some understanding of why she's so vengeful and unreasonable. Also, I think the guy at the asylum deserved some of the blame and responsiblity as well for his actions. Why the heck has he been left alive and un-haunted all this time?

Hm... of course, now it occurs to me that Sadako being a dead spirit, she could potentially feature in the Afterlife arc of YvtW too...
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Borders bookstore this time.

Faeries' Landing is a Korean manga with one volume out so far. It's somewhat in the vein of Ranma 1/2, Tenchi Muyo, and Love Hina, except that the main male character isn't a spineless wuss when it comes to girls and the main female character(s) isn't an abusive psycho. The "faeries" in the series are an interesting mix of western and easter mythos - with names of people and places like "Goodfellow" and "Avalon", and with girls drawn like Chinese xian nv.

One is also a Korean manga with 2 volumes out so far. It's a jiang-hu/wu-xia series that's very reminiscent of chinese novels/manhua of the same vein. I like the art style, it's somewhat... simpler than the standard fare anime (like Clamp), but still pleasing. Come to think of it, are there any "traditional" wuxia Japanese mangas out there?

Fire Rose is the only book in the Elemental Masters series by Mercedes Lackey that I haven't read so far, and now I've completed the entire series. ^_^ Needless to say, I liked it as much as the other books in the series. Following the fairy-tale-retold theme of the series, this one is based on Beauty and the Beast, set in 19th century San Francisco. As always, the characters are a delight to read, and I love how Misty can turn out such strong female characters while still preserving their feminity, as well as without weakening the male characters.

My only nitpick with the book is the portrayal of the Chinese elemental masters (in Chinatown) - I wouldn't think that Master of Earth would equate to Master of Dragons, since traditional Chinese mythos tends to associate Dragons more with Water, or even Air. Ditto for Phoenix and Fire, which is more of a middle-eastern association; the more traditional Chinese association would probably be more like Phoenix and Air.
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Spent most of yesterday at the bookstore. Read all the OMG volumes they had there so I can write Urd better for YvtW. Am such a geek. *facepalm*

Read Petshop of Horrors #4... so... very... slashy. Leon = denial boy... soooo totally in denial. And D? Yer wearing your heart on your sleeves. How the mighty (er... muy-cryptic and mysterious) have fallen. Heh. Also, the volume brings up the Number Of Compromising Postions Between D And Hot-Looking Guys to 2. (Three if we count D & Leon, but that was at D's instigation, while the others are by the other char's instigation.) I wish I had the book so I could scan in the pic... But, [insanejournal.com profile] cashew? - next time you go by the bookstore, check out the "Dracula" chapter in Vol. 4, when Leon bursts into the petshop and sees this caped bishie dude pressing D down to the couch and trying to bite (kiss, nibble... *wink*) his neck. And later D says the guy is a bi. *g* Methinks PSoH is much like Demon Diary in that the subtext is so loud that it's pretty much canon-slash, though still shonen-ai instead of yaoi.

Also read This Scepter'd Isle by Mercedes Lackey. She seems to have several giant hardback novels out recently. Scarily productive. O_O Anyways, the novel seems to be set in the past of her Serrated Edge series, during the reign of Henry VIII. Serrated Edge means that the sidhe/seleigh/fair folk are involved. I have no idea how accurate she's got the history, but the story itself is pretty good. There's both courtly intrigue/politics and action. Plus the Bazaar of the Bizarre seems like a really cool thing to incorporate into YvtW somewhere. *g*

Hm... what else... flipped through a few volumes of Flame of Recca. Tokiya isn't as hot in the manga as he is in some of the anime pics I have of him. Strange. Maybe the way they did the hair had something to do with it. Didn't see the next volume of Rurouni Kenshin at the store, which sucks. *shakes fist at Barnes & Nobles* Aaaaand that's about it. That I'm willing to post public anyhow. Look for more under friends lock.
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