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I wrote this snippet last night to blow off some steam after dealing with a particularly annoying fanboy on the Rumbles board yesterday. The idiot was making some rather ridiculous comments on a LOTR characters vs. Conan thread, including statements such as Conan can resist ANY magics thrown his way via sheer willpower (after which Munchy asked 'how do you resist a magic hand grenade by sheer will?') and the claim which started this particular revenge-fic: "No swordsman can stand versus the Cimmerian."

Needless to say, the urge to start a match with Conan vs. Lina Inverse or Kenshin was quite strong. But to save the board the agravation and the display of pettiness, I think I'll keep my little piece of vengeance on my journal.

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...playing around with CSS formatting.

Wheee... @_@

RK Cards
LOTR Cards

Need to learn how to get by w/o tables. Me go sleepy now. @_@

(Edit: Oh yeah. New icon. *points*)
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Okay, I went on a card-making spree last night and got a lot of Kenshin cards done. Since it'd be pain to upload them onto GJ and then link them one by one, I made a webpage instead. Here it is.

I still need some flavor text for those, either narration or dialogue. And also, I still have the rest of the Juppon Gatana, which I need to find good pictures for, as well as Okina and the minor Oniwabanshu peeps.

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Meanwhile, over at Rumbles, it seems that Munchy has been busy making joke cards based on stuff pulled out from the bowels of Soap Operus. I think he's rediscovered many of [insanejournal.com profile] cashew's works of art, and has made some... interesting cards. They're all very funny. I'll link 'em here:

Slayven Kitty
Slayven Kitty 2
Ball collector
Munchy Poodle
Watcher w/ Mallet
Pell Torture

Heh. Heheheh...

Update: More Mewie-inspired cards.

Disgruntled Mods
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Tis the latest rage on CBR. And then I got to thinking...

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Most of these are fics that I've *alread* bookmarked, so they're not recently found. But some of 'em do have updates to them.

Okay, first of all, Mysterious Rurouni (RK), by Mieren has updated on ffnet. Hilarious as heck. The latest chapter features Kenshin and Chichiri taking turns making Amiboshi's life miserable in the funniest ways. Poor Amiboshi... poor Suboshi who has to experience everything that happens to his twin. *snicker*

Secondly, I've been hearing good things about the Stories of Arda LOTR fanfic archive. It's somewhat alike to Henneth Annun in that it doesn't have as much of the lowest denominator quality fics as ffnet... much less Mary Sues and more canonical adherence in general... though I think it's harder to navigate and there's more WIPs on it - but that might just be 'cause I haven't gotten the hang of it yet.

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