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Ok, first off I'm going to admit that I didn't really spend that much time playing the demo this weekend. In my defense, I was kidnapped by my long-departed mused and held hostage over at google docs. (I have a 2nd chapter of my TBG omake series written and parts 3 & 4 vaguely plotted.) So, since inspiration is harder to come by and I've already prepurchased the game, well, that sorta set my priorities.

Confession over. I sort of tried out three of the new elite specializations that I most cared about in the recent demo:

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Anyway, I'll still probably get the HPs to fill out the new specializations even for the ones I don't plan to use. That's assuming the collections for getting a "free" ascended weapon is still going to be added, similar to HoT. That will be 2 daggers, 2 swords, 2 axes, torch, rifle, and shortbow. *licks*
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The first demo weekend just finished. That demo covered just a preview of the PvE map content for PoF, mainly focused on showing off the new area and the mount system. None of the new class specializations were available; apparently, they're showcasing those separately in the next demo. Because of that, I didn't play all that exhaustively. But from what I did play, here's some thoughts...

the review )

Anyway, the upcoming weekend will have the specializations demo. Currently, it seems the demo characters will only have access to WvW and PvP for testing. Players are also arguing for aerodome (raid testing) access. Also not sure how it's going to work with existing WvW queues and maps... Best case is they'll make a new WvW instance for the demo to avoid conflicting with actual WvW games. Either that or just restricted to Edge of the Mists, I guess.
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So, the big news is that the next expansion, Path of Fire, will be coming out in late September. It's going to take place in Crystal Desert/Elona, and the big bad looks to be Balthazar, though Palawa Joko and/or Kralkatorik may or may not (probably not) also bite the dust.

Before we get to the expansion though, there's a bunch of other updates that's coming out in preparation for it...

* Gliding is being added to WvW tomorrow. Since gliding only comes with HoT and PoF can be bought separately, I'm guessing it's just enticing new players to buy both.

* Consumables are getting revamped to use Concentration/Expertise instead of condi/boon duration % value. Results in a nerf on those stats, which is a hit to meta HoT-based builds. Doesn't really impact me, since even my vipers engi doesn't use condi duration food often.

* Human Elona-based faces and hairstyles are already available in character creator (and makeover kit).

* There will be an open demo starting this Friday, available to everyone. If it's anything like the HoT beta, it might be a good idea to move all legendary/ascended gear into the bank beforehand so the demo character can use them.

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Terra Volt
80 Asura Engineer
Created 4 years 7 months ago
Played for 306 hours
1,921 deaths (XD)

Milestones achieved:
- Got the SAB kitty
- Finished unlocking all blue skins, including backpack
- Unlocked orange rifle skin (for engi)
- Unlocked red pistol & shield skin (for engi)
- Unlocked green pistol (for thief)
- Banked 10/10/8 W1 tribulation tokens (5/5/7 + 30g left to complete collection)
- Banked 1x 8-day reward box (here's hoping for purple skins next year!)
- Donated ~165 furniture coins to [CAT] (mah fingers! T_T)
- RNG granted 2 blue SAB boxes (dumped in [Yaoi] guild bank for [personal profile] cashew)
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Dulfy master guide (Dailies) W2Z1 bauble farm
(Trib overlay 2) stunbreak Trib speedruns
new w1z3 skips alt-sec23 alt-sec3 cloud-sec4

Current goals:
- Purple: GS (mez), pistol (mez), warhorn (ele)
- Red: n/a
- Orange: sword (war/king toad set reward), warhorn (war)
- Green (15 left): 10/10/8

world 2 cat (inf vid1 vid2)
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First of all, disclaimer: I'm really casual where it comes to STO, playing only a single character and not having paid much attention to the meta discussions on reddit, so I can't claim to be all that authoritative on it. With GW2 I think I can speak better toward it, since I've played all classes pretty far and I've read a lot on the high tiers of play (raids/high fractals) so I am familiar with what goes on there.

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In the end I wound up spending about 100g total on making this. The majority of the cost came from the T6 leather for making the Gift of Light. Ugh. Damn you lopsided T6 mat prices.

The charged lodestones I had from a combination of saving up over time, raiding [personal profile] cashew's mats, and promoting from cores (so much clicking T_T).

Gotta say, though, I like this skin better than the Kudzu one. Loads cheaper than a legendary too. =P It's just a pity I don't have many characters that actually play the longbow.

Tumblr post with more pics here
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I actually had the resources to finish making Flameseeker Prophecies earlier, but I procrastinated a lot. Finally got it finished though. Also managed to use up a few stacks of T5 mats in the guild bank. The pretty pretty shield is going on my revenant, as is lore appropriate.

Also finished the specialization collection for Yggdrasil, the ascended staff for my ranger druid; though I'm actually using the Auric skin for it. Since the collection for Bo, the daredevil staff, is only a few items different from Yggdrasil, that's next on the list.

Will put up pics of the shied and maybe staff later. Legendary pics here )

Meanwhile, here's the bump in the overall worth of my characters as calculated by gw2efficiency. (You can tell which guys are holding the legendaries, ne?) XD

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So it's been over a month since the Heart of Thorns expansion came out, and I figured I should write something up on my impressions. I had wanted to wait until I played more of the content, but looking over my progress that's probably going to take a good while, which may not necessarily be a bad thing.

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Too cheap to pay the 10g each to buy dupes of the ascended sinister rings/earrings, so going to split them between engi and revenant...

http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Loaf_of_Tarragon_Bread --> -16% condi duration for reve (and anyone else that needs more condi cleanse)

--> Redo hammer sigils (force+purity), Runes of Antitoxin or Water

Chronomancer (switch Domination with Inspiration for Teq/Portal) (candied dragon roll)


Tempest -- maurader's staff, swap chest pc... (optional: runes of radiance, sigil of cleansing)

Engineer --> Condi set

Meta builds: https://www.reddit.com/r/Guildwars2/comments/3rn9ry/dnt_updated_pve_build_guides_for_all_nine/
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So let's just jump into my thoughts on the second beta for Heart of Thorns, in more or less the order experienced...

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The Bandit Weapons Specialist collection gives you a 20 slot bag at completion. Uses the icon of the bandit loot bag, so I spent like a minute clicking it like a fool before realizing what it was.

Anyway, you trigger the collection with a book bought from the SW vendor for 150 bandit crests and 10s. The items in the collection you can buy for cheap from the karma weapons vendor in WvW. The price scales with level, so a newbie char could buy everything for like less than 10k karma.

For my own notes... (meta?) solo Condi engineer build. Alternatives - Runes: 4x altruism + 2x privateer, Armor: Rampager (off TP) instead of Sinister.
Another more group focused condi-eng build
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Got inspired by cashew's trials in starting a new elementalist... or maybe nostalgic is more like it. I went back and re-watched my old ele Personal Story recordings. Man, was I embarrassed by my skill back then. Of course, that was also within 2 weeks of the initial launch of the game. So I would certainly hope I'd gotten more skilled at playing the game in general, and ele (my main) in specific, since then.

Still, assumptions aren't proof, so I finally decided to roll a new ele to check out the experience the second time around. Also, to experience the New Player Experience changes to the game, since all of my characters were created before that update.

I had started a sylvari ele, more to experience the NPE and to fiddle around with character creation settings (in eventual preparation of my sylvari revenant). Then today I managed to start a human elementalist with the same Personal Story options as my main, and get her to level 21 within a single day.

Overall, levelling under the NPE feels pretty painless. Yes, utility skills and class mechanics are gated, but those in particular are unlocked pretty fast. Elite skills are still unlocked at lvl 30 like the old system anyway. Traits are a bit more strictly unlocked, so the mid levels might be where things get tougher... I dunno we'll have to see.

As for the human ele no. 2's personal story, I pretty much breezed through it. I remember dying over and over again in the 3rd ep of arc 1 (noble arc). Ditto the last ep of arc 2 (circus arc). Here, ep 1.3 was completed without a hitch. And 2.4 was over in like a minute.

The difference? We'll it's not the build certainly. The original character had access to more skills during 1.3 than my new ele (which didn't have earth attunement and only had 1 utility at lvl ~10). But the main difference I guess is that the first time around, I was just randomly mashing buttons. Whereas now I'm familiar enough with ele skills to know what utility to go for and what rotation of skills to synergize.

Gear might have also played a role, I think. In the original run I didn't have much money, didn't use the TP, and only got my gear through drops and karma vendors, and much of it with vit/toughness speced. In the new run I pretty much buy a new set of blue or green gear every 5 levels, and it's pretty much power power power only. That probably makes a significant difference, what with PvE being very much a zerker's game.

For now I've parked both characters at the end of the Sharkmaw JP to see what results I get in terms of silver doubloons out of the chest. Eventually after they hit level 35 (cap for doubloons) or after I lose patience, I'll probably delete the human and continue a bit further with the sylvari to see how the mid-levels plays out.
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Old builds
Optimal Build suggestions

Guardian: (Zerk/Sin legs/rings?)
Lazy BurnDmg
(Forum suggestions: ZerkerDmg)

Engineer: (Rings?)
Rifle PistolShield

Silverwastes Dry Top

Elementalist: (zerk wand, knight focus)
Tequatl General

Mesmer: (Assassin rings, Rampager staff)
GS/General DryTop/SW


Full Sup Centaur rune set + warhorn trait will still let you maintain perma swiftness from just the horn.
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Went through my PCs after the major patch and here are my initial reactions:

My ele is doing really well. Just tweaking a bit with her existing gear, and she's good in HP/armor. Damage stats are doing great too, especially compared to everyone else so far. Also, most of the traits I wanted were in two lines, and the third choice was still pretty obvious above the fourth choice trait line.

Ranger is...okay, I guess. I've been sorta able to get the build I want. The buffs to ranger pet and pet skills I really liked, since I like pets. According to the forums, bleeding is underwhelming on ranger, so not considering going condition. Statwise... I can stand to ditch some toughness, actually, and gain some power. Hm... maybe exchange the knights chest/legs pieces for...berserker?

Mesmer is in much the same boat as ranger. Trait picks are ok. Stats are a bit low in power; I should probably swap out the cavalier rings for something berserkerish.

Guardian... ugh, I gave up on making a build for now. I hear from the forums that a fire-focused condi build is like way waaaaay OP right now, but that's likely the first thing to get nerfed, so I don't want to invest in condi gear/build just yet. Still, I am going to have to overhaul some of her gear - existing stats are high in toughness and way too low in HP, and somewhat low on power. Until I know what the guardian meta is going to end up though, I don't know yet if I want to swap to celestial or carrion or something else.

Engineer... surprisingly I was able to decide on a trait build. Already have celestial outfit so can take advantage of the currently OP state of conditions. Could still stand to trade out some toughness for power though. Hm.. maybe swap out rabid accessories for sinister? Well, will see if anything gets nerfed before I throw the time and charged quartz into crafting sinister jewelry.

Necro - I heard on the forums that the corruption skills were horribad, but blood stuff is supposed to be good and I think I got a good trait build working. Stats-wise, the only thing I could maybe change is to swap out the soldiers rings for...I dunno, cavalier?

Thief... have an ok build for now for utility purposes. Stat wise it's in as bad a position as guardian, with way too little HP and not enough power. Will need to figure something out there, ugh.

Warrior... well she's still in rare gear set, so not gonna worry about that one yet.
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The big thing is the whole trait revamp. Basically they're getting rid of the old system and putting in the new specialization system in prep for the new expansion. In other words, I'm gonna have to revisit each of my PC's and redo their whole build.

Here's some build sites that claim to have the updated traitlines.

Since they're removing all the stats from traits and putting them into the equipment... I may end up needing to replace lots of equipment at the same time. Already sure my ele and guardian are both going to need more +vit gear to make up for what they're losing from traits.

Mesmer changes are looking good. Engineer got shafted at first glance (RIP speedy kits). Ele didn't get icebow nerfed, so anything else is gravy. Haven't had a chance to study the rest.

Also getting some quality of life changes, and most of those are good. Geodes and bandit crests are getting shoved into the wallet, so yay for bag space. Soulbound stuff now shows which PC they're soulbound to, which is another yay.

Only bad QOL change is that there's going to be a extra 5% stat difference between exotic and ascended. Not...as much of an issue for PvE (I hope), but sucks for the people who have multiple alts playing WvW.

As for the info so far about the expansion...still withholding judgment until more info comes out.
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Wat. Just... Wat? Starfleet. GW2. Korean. Chinese patriot song. Great Leader? What? *squints* Not sure if parody or someone who has no idea what they're stitching together.

EDIT: Ok, apparently it's a guild theme? But... WHYYYYYYY?!

More o_O from the same channel - not sure if I should be moved, amused, or horrified.

EDIT2: For my sanity, here is actually a good GW2 music vid that makes sense.
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When idiots start complaining about not enough major positive male characters in a freaking MMO, you must be doing something right.

Keep up the good work.

Now just excuse me while I recover from the eye strain of rolling my eyes too much from reading the official forum thread. I really should have known better.
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