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There was a resurgence of fanfics after the Hobbit movies came out. A great deal of them, including most of the ones on AO3, are Thorin/Bilbo slash. The remaining ones are also some kind of dwarf romance or slash. Ugh, it almost makes me long for the days of rampant Mary Sue fics following the release of the LOTR trilogy. Valar help us all if PJ ever makes a Silmarillion adaptation.

Anyway. I have been trying to dig some gems out of all the chaff. And here's some the ones I've found.

Movie-ish canon

An Elk? - Short humor piece. An alternative explanation for the whole prologue to the first Hobbit movie.

Ich Dien - Featuring the still living Queen of Mirkwood. And pretty much everything I wanted to say to/about Tauriel. Ugh, honestly.

Weary is the Head That Bears the Crown - Post BOFA fluff 'n stuff. Slight fixit since apparently Legolas has stuck around. Also some nice interaction between Thranduil & Bard (no slash thank goodness) and Bard's kids.

History Teaches Us - Basically it's one of those send the guy back in time to redo the canon story and fix things, starring Thorin. It's...decent enough, with regards to plot and interesting twists. Not the best writing and definitely a lot of authorial fiat and departures from movie canon for no reason I could see. But still, compared to 99% of the Hobbit fics out there, this one's...bearable.

长河彼岸 - Surprisingly well written story of (movie!)Thranduil in the First Age. It's a WIP, with two arcs completed already and still going strong. The first arc covered up til the fall of Doriath, the second arc covered the journey to the Greenwood. It actually reads a lot like the Silmarillion, in Chinese.

Mazarbul - Actually a LOTR fic. Post War of the Ring, Gimli breaks the news of what happened in Moria to the new dwarven king.

Light Beyond Darkness - Never thought I'd say this, but this fic is great if you could just ignore the slash. Mostly cuz I'm really meh about the pairing (Thranduil/Bard). But ignoring that, it's got really well written political commentary (appropriate to the setting/era/species) and it manages to work the more objectionable movie characterization into something reasonable.

The Oddities of Fate and Circumstance - Pretty much the same idea as Light Beyond Darkness with slight differences.

Book-ish canon

Several fics by Jael the Scribe, loosely part of a series, in chronological order: Wayward Sons, Not Fade Away, Out of the Blue - The first one is probably late Fourth Age and is actually the prequel. The last two take place in the modern world. Featuring the House of Oropher and elves in the modern day. Also seems to be completely book-verse rather than movie.

Songs of Sun and Shadow - More of a Silm/book-verse story, taking place in Doriath. Featuring Melian, Finrod, and a very young Thranduil.

Age of Healing - Post-LOTR book-fic. Featuring Legolas and Maedhros in Valinor. Now there's a weird paring. Not slash.

New Roots - Celeborn & Thranduil have a conversation in Eryn Lasgalen, after their families have all departed Middle Earth.

Light Fingers - Bit of a Sue-fic but pretty well written. Elladan adopts an orphan from the streets of Minas Tirith.

Spoils of War - Also bit of a Sue-fic, taking place in the aftermath of the Battle Under the Trees.

Far Over the Misty Mountains - This fic... wow. Well. It's based on book canon. The characterization is a little...hm, more *human* than I think Tolkien intended elves to be. And I certainly don't agree with the characterization. But, everything is internally consistent. And most of all, the story telling and thematic symbolism is really really good. And the ending was very Tolkien, I think. I loved the ending when everyone got their shit together.

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