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I've been following a lot of Marvel movie-verse fics since watching Winter Soldier.

There's been a ton of Steve/Bucky fics. A lot of them are...formulaic, though. The standard fare plot elements of: Steve & Sam go looking for Bucky, Bucky is traumatized, rehab happens, sometimes involving the rest of the Avengers. So I'm trying to pick out either the standouts of that plot formula, or fics with a unique twist to them.

Circling Back - Slash. Standard plot, but one of the better written ones. I like the way it brings in the other side characters, including what seems like the Ult version of Spidey. There's also a sequel which is sometimes from Bucky's POV, but that's still a WIP.

lonely houses off the road - Eventual slash. Bucky reaches out at his own pace. Sam is probably thinking 'why me'? Steve of course is the last to know.

Guns & Bagels - Slash. Humor. The Winter Soldier breaks into Steve's apartment. He wasn't the only one.

but i knew you - Slash. AU of the film. What if the Winter Soldier started to break his programming from the moment of "but I knew him"?

Unusual Weather - Slash. Humor. Featuring Asgardian booze as analgesic, and Bucky as a mouthy (and handsy) drunk. Poor Tony.

May Include Unexpected Side Effects - Slash. Humor. Written prior to Cap2. More handwavey comic-science tranquilizers with funny side effects.

A Four-Letter Word - Slash. Humor. The frustrations of a superhero's schedule.

give me your answer do - Slash. Humor. The fic's own summary says it all: Bucky knows it's going to be a bad one when Steve wakes up again, lifts his head up from the side of Bucky's fancy electric hospital bed, and says, "Now don't get mad until I explain."

Between a Captain and a Hard Place - Slash. Humor. (I notice a trend...) Steve and Bucky get stuck in a morgue drawer. Surprisingly, this does not lead to PWP!Porn.

the sirens and the thunder - Slash. AU elements. Featuring Selkie!Bucky through the timeline of the first Cap movie.

Recursive - Steve/Peggy. Steve & Bucky Bromance. Post-CATWS, Steve runs afoul of the Time Gem and gets punted back in time. Armed with future knowledge, he decides to nip the project Winter Soldier in the bud. (I'm not sure how authentic the WWII stuff is, but I liked it.)

Oasis - Gen. Post-CATWS Bucky centric. Landscaping therapy. That's a new one.

Mind the Cap - Gen. Post-CATWS. Sam handles Steve's bedside visitors after the events of the movie. Also has various sequels in the series that's more standard fare.

Case Notes - Post-CATWS. Pre-slash Steve/Bucky. The POV from a therapist of the Avengers. Loosely part of a series but you don't need to read the others.

tin soldiers - Steve, and later Bucky, in the modern day as told by social media. Not quite actual slash as it is the "fangirls" arguing for slash. Gets a bit hard to follow sometimes, but the concept is pretty novel.

Two-Whell Bicycle series - Slash. Post-CATWS. The Winter Soldier as a split personality apart from Bucky, and somehow Steve is still the bigger mess. Also, the tag at the end of the second one is seriously chilling whiplash.

Pay it Forward series - Gen. Post-CATWS. A bit of humor. A bit of slice of life. Also featuring Natasha and Tony/Pepper.

Tracked Progress - Unrelated to TWS. A post-Avengers fic starring Hawkeye and crossed over with White Collar.
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